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What’s Unique about San Diego?

San Diego is one of the nation’s top vacation destinations, yet most travelers only touch the surface of what makes San Diego such a great place. San Diego is much more than a leisure destination. Tourists who prefer an active vacation, whether it’s visiting museums, sightseeing, or going on extreme adventures may be surprised to learn San Diego is home to:

  • More plant species than any other county in the country. It is also the #1 producer of floriculture in the nation.
  • More bird species than any other county in the country.
  • More endangered species than any other county in the country.
  • The most complete collection of fossils representing the last 7 million years of North American history
  • The largest military presence in the nation.
  • Many rare adventures in the ocean, mountains, and desert, which also serve as the training grounds for the U.S. Navy Seals.

All of these ‘attributes’ have attracted world class organizations and experts. TourGuideTim Theme Based Travel Tours attract travelers who want a more enriching experience led by expert guides from these organizations who provide entertaining and educational insight.

Day Tours
Geared towards locals, each theme will have multiple offerings over time. For example, if you are interested in geology, we’ll take a coastal tour one month, a mountain tour another month, and a desert tour in a subsequent month. Sign up to get notified and receive more details about upcoming tours covering such themes as architecture, geology, birding, conservation, military, and flower gardens. We will also offer tours of San Diego’s back-country by heading out on scenic Route 94 to the attractions out in places like Campo. Come join others who share similar interests.

Multi-Day Tours
Geared towards out-of-town visitors, TourGuideTim Theme Based Travel provides all-inclusive packages that incorporates tours to various parts of San Diego County from the ocean to the mountains and desert as we explore certain themes. We also offer two vacation packages (Classic and Active Tours) that touch upon various themes. Most vacation packages include 4 – 5 days of touring, accommodations, and meals. They also incorporate San Diego’s most well-known attractions from unique perspectives. For example, rather than just walk around SeaWorld with everyone else, why not jump into the pool with a dolphin and a trainer. Or, when you visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, how about taking a caravan ride through the middle of the safari to get up close and personal with endangered animals. Sign up to get notified and receive more details about upcoming tours or read an overview of each tour package by selecting one of the tour tabs alongside the slideshow at the top of this page.

Our Promise to You

  • Expert guides will be informative and entertaining. (See the reviews we receive on TripAdvisor for our daily La Jolla Sightseeing Tours that makes it a Top 10 Activity out of 200+ in San Diego)
  • Meals will incorporate the best of San Diego with a variety of settings from a historic mountain town to panoramic ocean views.
  • Accommodations are provided at special rates for out-of-town visitors at establishments with excellent reputations.
  • Charter services are provided by companies with outstanding safety records.

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