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Overview: The impressive geologic and paleontologic history of San Diego attracts geologists, paleontologists, and museum curators from around the world.

“The past few million years of evolutionary history is revealed through the spectacular fossil archive preserved in the badlands of the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.”
- Jacques Gauthier, Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History.

“Communities, ecology, and evolution are all topics that tie the prehistoric world firmly to our own. And, in the badlands…this story is told probably better than any place on Earth.”
- Mark Norell, Chairman and Curator, Division of Paleontology, American Museum of Natural History

San Diego has spent most of its geologic life rising from the seas. Starting as sediments washing off the prehistoric shores of Arizona, rising to the heights of the Andes through volcanic activity, and settling into its current form, San Diego offers visitors both visual beauty with its diverse landscape and unparalleled access to rocks and fossils dating back 150 million years.

The seaside cliffs, canyons, mountains, and desert of San Diego reveal 150 million year old Jurassic rocks, 50 million year old oyster shells, 20 million year old volcanic plugs, 2 million year old earthquake faults, world class gems, gold, and fossils of prehistoric animals, including sabre-tooth tigers, great white sharks, walruses, zebras, camels, llamas, mastodons and mammoths.

Come join us as we dig into this dynamic history of geology and paleontology on an outdoor adventure through San Diego’s diverse landscape. We will go on guided tours with local geologists and paleontologists from the beach to the desert. You will also visit some of the area’s top attractions, receive expert commentary, and enjoy special care.

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See a Variety of Beautiful Landscapes in San Diego County

Very few places the world can combine the beauty of the ocean, canyons, mountains, and desert in a condensed geographic area. San Diego is one of those lucky places where tourists can enjoy all the splendors created by geological forces over millions of years. Our landscape tour is a great opportunity for those who have not had a chance to travel extensively around the world to see the unique landscapes our planet has to offer. Out-of-town visitors can join us in San Diego for an all-inclusive vacation package with expert guides showing you the way and explaining how it all evolved.

Explore San Diego’s Unique Tourist Attractions

San Diego is one of the nation’s top vacation destinations, yet few travelers know they can tour a gold mine or sift for gems at an active tourmaline mine that attracts museum curators from around the world. We will take you to both places and several others that you will be eager to tell about to your family and friends when you return home. For our out-of-town visitors, we will also include stops at San Diego’s most popular attractions such as the San Diego Zoo, where you will see their newest exhibit that explains the story of why the San Diego desert is home to one of the richest animal fossil deposits in the world.

Our Promise to You

  • Expert guides will be informative and entertaining. (See the reviews we receive on TripAdvisor for our daily La Jolla Sightseeing Tours that makes it a Top 10 Activity out of 200+ in San Diego)
  • Meals will incorporate the best of San Diego with a variety of settings from a historic mountain town to panoramic ocean views.
  • Accommodations are provided at special rates for out-of-town visitors at establishments with excellent reputations.
  • Charter services are provided by companies with outstanding safety records.

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