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Overview: Listen to the sounds and watch the fluttering feathers of birds while enjoying a visit to San Diego’s top attractions. Five hundred species of birds have been documented in San Diego County, more than any other county in the nation. From the National Wildlife Refuge along the Pacific Ocean to the National Forest in the local mountains, and California’s largest State Park in the Sonoran Desert, San Diego offers the best variety of any birding destination. We will visit these birding hotspots as well as take time to show you some of San Diego’s top attractions along the way. We will also go on a guided visit to the largest zoo collection of bird species in the United States at the San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park for a birdwatching experience you’ll never stop bragging about to your family and friends back home.

We will have a chance to see rare birds, colorful birds, big birds (think peregrines, eagles, and ostriches) and we’ll learn about conservation efforts to protect endangered birds. For Multi-Day Tour guests, you can also add an extension to your tour that includes the opportunity to band a bald eagle in the wild for conservation tracking purposes.

Come join us as we tour the best birding locations in beautiful San Diego County from the Ocean to the Mountains and Desert. You will enjoy spectacular views, top attractions, expert commentary, and special care.

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Great for beginning and intermediate birdwatchers

Meet other tourists from around the world who share a common interest pursuing the sights and sounds of birds. Our bird watching tours are led by local experts who will take their time helping you identify a wide variety of birds.  They will assume this is one of your first bird holidays and take the appropriate care to nurture your experience so it becomes the first of many bird trips. At a number of bird watching stops, you will also get to learn from resident bird experts who serve as caretakers for the local bird habitat.
However, we want to make sure you don’t become ‘birded out’ so we make time to explore other aspects of San Diego that make it one of America’s top vacation destinations.

Perfect Bird Adventure for Travel Partners with different levels of interest

Does your spouse or partner not have the same level of interest in taking a bird holiday? This birding tour is the perfect solution for you to take a bird watching vacation together. We will be traveling along San Diego’s beaches, mountains, and desert providing much more scenery than your typical birding tour. Our Multi-Day bird tours include visits to San Diego’s top attractions, including the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Zoo’s Safari Park. You and your partner will have free time to explore other aspects of these attractions, whether its getting an up-close look at lions and pandas or riding a Zip-line over animal exhibits.

Our Promise to You

  • Expert guides will be informative and entertaining. (See the reviews we receive on TripAdvisor for our daily La Jolla Sightseeing Tours that makes it a Top 10 Activity out of 200+ in San Diego)
  • Meals will incorporate the best of San Diego with a variety of settings from a historic mountain town to panoramic ocean views.
  • Accommodations are provided at special rates for out-of-town visitors at establishments with excellent reputations.
  • Charter services are provided by companies with outstanding safety records.

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FYI: If you are in San Diego March 3 – 6, 2011, check out the San Diego Audubon Society’s Annual Bird Fest. TourGuideTim attended the 2010 Bird Fest and had an amazing experience while making a new friend who took eye-catching bird photographs you should see.

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