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Reach out and grab the attention of travelers as they look to spend money on their vacation in San Diego.

Your advertisement will be seen when it counts most – when a traveler visits an attraction near your place of business. Not only will travelers have familiarized themselves with your business when they prepare their San Diego vacation using this web site but they will be reminded about your business on the day they visit your part of town.

120 x 600 Ad Example

Why? Because out-of-town visitors look again at details about an attraction on the day of their visit for information on what time to go, where to find it, and insider details on what to see. They will be carrying a printout of the attraction details from this web site or they will access the mobile edition of TourGuideTim Reveals San Diego on their cell phone. Either way, they will see your ad at the most opportune time – when they are in good spirits visiting an attraction near your place of business.

Location of Advertisements

Advertising space is available next to the details for each of the San Diego County Attractions included on this web site. If you offer a product or service that is highly relevant to a particular attraction, you may submit a request to advertise on this web site. For example, if you operate a restaurant near a particular attraction, you can alert those reading the attraction details about your nearby location.

Vertical banner ads will be allowed to be placed along the right-side of each web page. It will be placed between the attraction’s details and the right sidebar in a manner similar to the examples shown on this page.

Benefits of Advertising on TourGuideTim Reveals San Diego

There are over 200 attractions throughout San Diego County described in detail on this web site. As web site users glance between an attraction’s details on the left and the directory of all attractions listed on the right, their attention will be drawn to your advertisement in-between.

When a visitor prints the detailed page for the attraction, your advertisement will be included in that printout. When a visitor accesses the mobile edition of this web site on their cell phone, they will see your advertisement. This will provide a long-lasting awareness for your business and increase the probability a user will patronize your establishment while visiting the attraction.

Only one or two advertisements will be listed per attraction depending on the rate option you select. This gives you exclusive or near-exclusive visibility relative to any competitors.

Requirements for Advertising

Only static banner ads are allowed. No flash or animated advertisements are accepted. TourGuideTim Reveals San Diego reserves the right to only accept ads it deems are appropriate to be listed next to a particular attraction.

Advertising Rates

Rates for most pages on this web site start at $20 per month. A four month commitment is required. The details are listed below.

Rates for advertising alongside the Top Attractions are higher. They range from $60 – $180 per month. When you submit a request for advertising, you will be notified whether the particular advertising space you are requesting falls into the higher rate category.

Banner Sizes are Listed in Pixels, Width x Height

$20/Month – Advertise your business using a 120 x 240 or 125 x 125 banner. One additional banner advertisement may be listed above or below your advertisement.

$30/Month – Advertise your business using a 120 x 600 banner or any of the two banner sizes allowed at the $20/Month rate noted above. No additional banner advertisements will be listed above or below your advertisement.

120 x 240 Ad Example

How to Create a Banner Advertisement

If you have not used online banner advertising, you will find that getting help to create a banner ad is quick and inexpensive.

Visit the HowStuffWorks web site if you want an explanation of banner advertising.

If you or an employee knows how to use imaging software, you can create your own banner ad. Otherwise, you will want to look for a ‘banner ad designer’. Listed below are a few suggestions for banner ad designers who will take requests over the internet and then quickly and inexpensively create an ad for your business. The pricing noted below is subject to change. – $75 – $90 – $29

TourGuideTim Reveals San Diego does not vouch for the quality of service offered by these banner ad designers; Nor does this web site promise to accept the ads created by these vendors. You will see that they do offer free revisions.

Submit a Request for Advertising

Submit a request for advertising on TourGuideTim Reveals San Diego. Be sure to mention the attraction(s) or web page(s) where you would like to place your advertisement. Also note the size of the banner you would like to use and whether or not you want to be listed exclusively alongside the attraction.

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