Motor Transport Museum for Antique Trucks


Location: Campo (51 Miles / 1.25 Hours East of Downtown San Diego)

Hours: 9AM – 5PM on Saturdays

Cost: Free; Donations are Accepted

Features: Antique Truck Museum with 200+ Vehicles and Industrial Equipment

Antique Truck Museum Highlights: The Motor Transport Museum is the largest California Truck Museum with a collection of over 200 trucks. In addition, you will find a collection of industrial equipment, including antique electric generators and rock mining equipment.

The Museum was created by truck enthusiasts throughout Southern California looking for a place to restore and display antique trucks. They wanted a way for future generations to appreciate and reflect upon the important role trucks and industrial transport equipment played in the development of America. Currently, there are two large rooms inside an old mill that house the restored trucks, including a 1923 Mack Truck used in the movie “The Aviator”. A new building is being planned to hold additional antique vehicles and exhibits. However, many more trucks and motor equipment sit outside waiting to be restored. You can help support the restoration by becoming a member of the Motor Transport Museum.

This is one of the more rugged museums you will come across. The setting is an old mill factory in the countryside. You will see many donated vehicles and truck parts, which will be sold to raise money to restore antique trucks. Here is a nice photo display of some of the antique trucks taken by a visitor in 2005.

Campo is a remote location outside of the metropolitan San Diego area. Despite its remote location, you can make a nice day trip to Campo by driving along the scenic SR-94, which is part of the old stage coach trails and curves around the mountains in the area. Once you are in Campo, spend a few hours visiting Motor Transport Museum, the San Diego Railroad Museum and the Gaskill Brother’s Stone Museum. You may even consider visiting the start of the 2,650 mile Pacific Crest Trail, which is also in Campo.

This area occasionally experiences unusual weather extremes despite its proximity to temperate San Diego. So, take a look at the Mountain Forecast if you are visiting during the winter and the Desert Forecast if you are visiting during the summer to get an idea of what to expect.

Food – Your options are limited in this remote location. The Campo Diner is very close by. You’ll find a few more diners off of the I-8 freeway and along SR-94.

Information on Visiting the Motor Transport Museum

Admission Prices: (Costs are Approximate)

  • Parking is Free
  • Entrance is Free but Donations are Appreciated

Directions from Google Maps to 31949 SR-94 in Campo, CA 91906. For those visiting from Downtown San Diego and nearby areas, Google Maps will recommend SR-94, which is a two lane country road. You may want to re-route the map (by dragging the blue line) to use highway I-8 instead. Or, you might want to take the SR-94 out to the Museum to enjoy the scenery and curvy roads and take highway I-8 back. Both routes will take about the same amount of time since the distance is a little longer using highway I-8.

Traffic – Weekend travel to Campo is relatively easy whether you use the I-8 or SR-94.

Transit – There are no transit options to get you to the Motor Transport Museum in Campo on weekends.

Related Attraction – You may also be interested in visiting the San Diego Automotive Museum in Balboa Park.

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