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Emergency Help Phone Numbers in San Diego County

Here are the Emergency Phone Numbers in San Diego for Medical, Health, Police and Natural Disaster Emergencies. There are also links to local emergency web sites that provide additional details and resources. As with most other cities, San Diego offers 9-1-1 service for Life Threatening Emergencies.


Urgent Care Centers in San Diego

If you have a Medical Emergency, call 9-1-1 for an Ambulance. For other health care issues that need medical attention while you are visiting San Diego, you can get help at an Urgent Care Center. Listed below are Urgent Care Centers that are a part of the larger Medical Care Systems in San Diego.


Emergency Eye Care in San Diego

If you have problems with your glasses or contact lenses when visiting San Diego, help is available. Here is a list of Optical Shops with Optometrists who can help you on a walk-in basis or who can schedule an appointment on short notice.


Emergency Dentists in San Diego

When visiting from out-of-town, it is hard to know where to start when you have a dental emergency. The last thing you need to do is spend time searching for a dentist who will take you as a walk-in. You can do a Google Search for Emergency Dentists but once you call around to the list of dentists provided by the Google Results, you find most do not accept walk-in appointments. After culling through the lists, here are some places to start when looking for San Diego Dentists who do accept walk-in patients or offer emergency care.


Emergency Veterinary Medicine Care

If your cat or dog gets sick when visiting San Diego, there are several 24-hour emergency animal hospitals available to assist you. Many of them are listed below to help you quickly find a veterinarian to treat your pet.


Taking Pictures in San Diego / Photography Help

Features: Get your cameras ready for taking lots of pictures in San Diego County. Learn what to expect, where to look for great photo opportunities, and where to go to address any camera problems you may have while visiting San Diego.