Television in San Diego


It takes a little while for visitors from other time zones to get familiar with the San Diego TV times for their favorite shows and programs. I will describe some of the TV broadcast times below for network news, cable talk shows, sports, and prime time programming.

Network TV

Network News

5:30 PM – NBC Nightly News (7/39)

6:00 PM – CBS Evening News (8)

6:30 PM – ABC World News (10)

Morning News, Prime Time & Sports

Other than live sports events, shows are generally adjusted from East Coast to West Coast time.  Even live finales for reality shows are shown on tape delay. Thus, if your favorite prime time show comes on at 9PM out East, it will come on at 9PM in the West as well.  The same goes for network morning shows like the Today Show and Good Morning America.

Cable Networks

News Talk Shows

Cable Talk Shows are broadcast simultaneously across the country.  Thus, you can watch Larry King at 6PM and 9PM, Bill O’Reilly at 5PM and 8PM, Anderson Cooper at 7PM and 10PM, and so on.

Cable Broadcasts not Adjusted for West Coast time

A few cable networks do not adjust their show times for the West Coast broadcast.  The sports networks ESPN and ESPN2 are not a surprise since they want to show live sports events. Thus, you see Saturday college football starting at 9AM while Sunday night NFL games are over by 9PM.

A few cable networks, including CNN, CNN Headline News, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, Lifetime Movie Network, and National Geographic Channel, do not adjust their broadcast times for the West Coast.  Thus, everything on these channels comes on three hours earlier than they do on the East Coast (i.e., 6PM instead of 9PM). The same goes for Bravo except for the first showing of original programs.

Generally speaking, all other cable network broadcasts are adjusted from East Coast to West Coast time.  Thus, with the exception of the aforementioned cable networks, if a show comes on at 9PM on the East Coast, it will come on at 9PM on the West Coast.

Internet TV

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