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Features: Get your cameras ready for taking lots of pictures in San Diego County. Learn what to expect, where to look for great photo opportunities, and where to go to address any camera problems you may have while visiting San Diego.

Taking Pictures in San Diego

Photography Tour GuestsSan Diego is one of the most picturesque places in the world. Visitors to San Diego will probably take more pictures here than anywhere else. The natural backdrops provided by the Pacific Ocean, San Diego Mountains, Desert, Seaside Cliffs, and Canyons will inspire you to take pictures that you will enjoy looking at for years to come.  Those seeking adventure in the ocean, on the mountains, or up in the sky will want to take pictures that show off your sense of adventure to friends back home, while families visiting places like the San Diego Zoo, SeaWorld, and LEGOLAND will want to take home pictures you can cherish for a lifetime. Then, there are those who travel to San Diego, which is home to more wildlife species and vegetation than any other county in the country, to capture pictures of your favorite flora and fauna that can not be seen anywhere else.

To help find some ideas on where to take pictures of the San Diego Landscape and City Skyline, view suggested photo locations by selecting the respective categories in the ‘Related Themes’ section below.

San Diego Photography Book

If you want advice on how to take pictures in San Diego or just want a book full of excellent pictures taken throughout San Diego County, you should get Andrew Hudson’s book PhotoSecrets San Diego. Hudson provides all of the information about taking pictures in San Diego one could ask for. He goes into detail on when, where, and how to take the best pictures of San Diego attractions. He will even tell you exactly where to stand and the time of day to capture the perfect image.

It is hard to fully capture the beauty of San Diego in photos. However, Hudson is one who has done just that. Buying his book is better than buying a few postcards hoping they will give your friends back home an idea of what you got to experience in San Diego.  The book includes a few hundred photographs taken throughout San Diego County.

3 Quick Travel Photo Tips from a San Diego Photographer

Julie Kremen, Founder and Lead Tour Guide for San Diego Photography Tours offers these 3 basic tips to improve your travel photography. Take one of her unique tours and learn even more!

Timing is everything
Don’t be afraid of bad weather – unique weather can make amazing photos. Aim for the “golden hour” (the hour after sunrise or before sunset); but consider extending into the time just before the sun rises or just after the sun sets. Get to attractions early—before the tourist crowds—for more authentic local color.

Change Your Perspective
Rather than always shooting straight on, consider different points of view. Move around your subject. Shoot from down low, from up high, from the sides, or at an angle. Tilt your camera. Zoom out and zoom in—be brave—get close and crop in REALLY tight!!! It is okay to cut off part of a face, body, building etc. Don’t forget to look behind you for shots you might have missed.

Rule of thirds
Try to put your subject off–center rather than in the middle. Place the subject in either the left or right third, or the top or bottom third (works for both horizontal and vertical.)

Camera Repair

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to take great pictures on your San Diego Vacation because your camera breaks down. If you need a new camera, you can buy one at electronic shops or get a disposable camera at gift shops or grocery stores. If you need expert assistance, Kurt’s Camera Repair Shop has several staff members who can check to see if they can fix your camera during your visit to San Diego.

Kurt’s Camera Repair Shop – The shop is located 11 miles northeast of downtown San Diego. (1-619-286-1810)  Here are the Directions from Google Maps.

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