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What Type of Tours Does TourGuideTim Reveals San Diego Offer?

We offer multi-day escorted tours throughout San Diego County.  Tours are generally based around a specific theme.

What Kinds of Theme Based Tours Are Available in San Diego?

San Diego County is home to hundreds of attractions ranging from the Pacific Ocean to the Peninsular Mountains and the Sonoran Desert. Its ideal year-round weather and natural beauty attracts millions of tourists. This has resulted in an accumulation of attractions that will appeal to any visitor.

Do you enjoy birdwatching?  Join a bird watching tour along our coastal byways where over 300 species have been spotted and in our mountains where over 200 species have been identified. Are you a military veteran or do you have an interest in not only learning the history of our military but seeing our troops in training? Take a military themed tour of San Diego’s attractions and military bases. Explore all the themes listed in the right sidebar and then mark the ones that interest you when you sign up for tour notifications from TourGuideTim Reveals San Diego.

Why Join An Escorted Tour of San Diego?

  • Many ‘Behind the Scenes Tours’ of famous attractions are only available to groups, not individual visitors. You get a unique experience that very few people ever get to enjoy.
  • Someone else takes care of the driving while you enjoy the spectacular views throughout San Diego. You don’t have to fuss over maps or repeatedly find yourself on a dead end street that continues on the other side of a canyon.
  • Get the Insider’s knowledge from your Tour Guide. Learn the little known but surprising facts and interesting stories about San Diego and its attractions.
  • We make all the travel arrangements.  You just show up and enjoy your vacation.
  • We take care of any problems that pop-up. You spend your time relaxing and exploring.

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