Pan for Gold at the Julian Mining Company


Location: Wynola (On the outskirts of Julian – 62 Miles / 1.25 Hours Northeast of Downtown San Diego)

Hours: 10AM – 4PM on Saturdays and 12PM – 4PM on Sundays. Weekday Reservations also Available.

Cost: Starts at $10

Features: Pan for Gold and Gems as Seen on the Travel Channel; Pick Raspberries and Pumpkins

julian-mining-companyPanning for Gold Highlights:

The Julian Mining Company provides the gold pan, lesson, and a vial to store your Gold Finds. For those who like to make things easier, the Julian Mining Company will provide you with pre-dug paydirt to sift through. They even insert a gold nugget into random buckets to help ensure some customers go home with more than just fond memories.

What to Expect

  • Plan to get dirty, especially if you sift for gold on your own (without the help of buying a bucket of pay dirt).
  • Orchard House at the Julian Mining Company

  • Spend an hour or the whole afternoon searching for treasures.
  • Search for quartz, amethyst, turquoise, shark teeth and more.
  • Pick your own raspberries and pumpkins in the late summer and fall.
  • Field trips are available for groups, especially children, to learn more about what life was like as a Gold Miner and as a Native American.
  • Check the Mountain Weather Forecast. Weather is generally good year-round for outdoor activities but it can get chilly and snow a couple times during the winter and get hot a few times during the summer.

Sluice at the Julian Mining CompanyFood – There are dozens of food options in Julian. Note, Julian is famous for its Apple Pies, which is available in most restaurants and at several take-out windows.

Information on Panning for Gold near Julian

Admission Prices: (Costs are Approximate)

  • Parking is Free
  • $10 will get you the basic tools and a lesson so you can search on your own.
  • $20 – $40 will get you pre-dug buckets of dirt to sift through for gold.
  • $10 will get you a bag of ore to search for gems and other treasures.

Directions from Google Maps to 4444 State Highway 78, 92036. (Near the intersection of SR-78 and Wynola Road.)

Traffic – Daytime travel to Julian is relatively easy. After leaving San Diego on highways, the last 30 – 45 minutes of your trip will take place on curvy and hilly two-lane roads. The roads are generally wide enough to make it a comfortable drive for most drivers, despite the winding roads that take you through the Cleveland National Forest and into the mountains. (You will climb to about 4,000 feet above sea level.) Traffic is a little slower during the busier months of September and October but it still moves along quite well. Also, keep an eye out for possible mountain snow in the forecast, when tire chains may be required to get into Julian.

Transit – There is no transit option that gets you into Julian.

Related Attractions – Learn more about visiting the historic town of Julian.

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