Thank You Jerry Schad – Your Legacy Will Live On


I was shocked to read in this morning’s Union Tribune that Jerry Schad is terminally ill with stage 4 kidney cancer.

For those who don’t know, Schad wrote the bible on San Diego hiking. San Diego is arguable one of the best places for hiking in the world and his book Afoot & Afield in San Diego County is the best guide to explore those trails. It is 456 pages of work taking us from the beach bluffs above our ocean during the summer months through the tree covered mountains during the fall and into the desert caves during the winter. He has covered it all.

Afoot and Afield is one of the first books I bought when I arrived in San Diego thirteen years ago and it’s rarely more than an arms length away. I have seen so much of our beautiful natural environment because of him.

I’ve seen Jerry on KPBS as he’s taken viewers on some of his favorite trails. I always figured I’d meet him one day. But, it appears that expectation will not come to fruition. I’m sure many others will feel the same when I say it always felt like he was right there with you as he took you around each turn and told you where to look for hidden treasures along each trail.

I wish Jerry and his wife strength to enjoy these final days together. You can be rest assured your fans will carry on your legacy of getting people out of their homes and into the beautiful nature surrounding us in San Diego County. Thank You.

Here’s a link to today’s article about Jerry Schad in the Union Tribune.

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