Museum Month – Why You Should visit the Coronado Historical Association Museum


Another participant in Museum Month is the Coronado Museum of History & Art. It is a very small facility but on my visit I found myself spending an extended amount of time in the museum.

It offers a great display about the 100 years of naval aviation on North Island. It all started with a flying school back in 1911. Now is a great time to visit the museum since the military will be celebrate 100 years of aviation with an unprecedented flyover of planes on Saturday, February 12. Naval Station North Island will be opened to the public, hosting several events, including prime seating to watch over 200 planes fly over San Diego Bay. At the museum, you’ll learn about the early pioneers that help lead the United States to become a dominant air power.

You’ll also learn about the history of the Hotel Del Coronado and see pictures of massive tent cities that used to occupy Coronado in the early years.

You can read more about visiting the museum on my San Diego Travel website.

**This post is part of a month long series highlighting unique tidbits about museums participating in the Macy’s half-off admissions sponsorship during the month of February.**

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