Museum Month – Trivia about the Natural History Museum


Another participant in Macy’s Museum Month is the San Diego Natural History Museum.

Did you know it is the 3rd oldest scientific museum west of the Mississippi River?

They have collected over 8.2 million artifacts throughout the years and offer one of the best collections of prehistoric artifacts ranging from the age of the dinosaurs to the time of the mastodons due to the rich history of fossils found in the surrounding area.

The best part is the museum offers several great classes and local tours. For example, last year I joined them for a tour of the mud caves, where many of the pre-historic artifacts were found, in the Anza-Borrego Desert.

You can read more about visiting the museum and the tours they offer in my descriptions of attractions in San Diego.

**This post is part of a month long series highlighting unique tidbits about museums participating in the Macy’s half-off admissions sponsorship during the month of February.**

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