Museum Month – Cool Video Filmed on the USS Midway (circa 1975)


Another participant in Macy’s Museum Month is the USS Midway Museum. During its service, the USS Midway played a major role in evacuating refugees from Vietnam just before the fall of Saigon.

Over 3,000 refugees hitched a ride on the Midway. One story often mentioned locally, and during this past weekend’s aerial flyover, is that of a Vietnamese pilot dropping notes from his Cessna onto the deck of the Midway asking them to move the helicopters so he could land with his family.

I found video of that pilot and his Vietnamese family landing on the ship during the fall of Saigon.

I also found several pictures taken aboard the USS Midway during the evacuation of Vietnamese refugees, including helicopters being pushed overboard to make room, posted on Wikipedia’s description of Operation Frequent Wind.

I encourage you to visit the USS Midway Museum not only to see their wonderful exhibits of military history and vintage aircraft but to also imagine what it was like to be on that boat over 35 years ago with all the activity and emotions of that unusual event. You can read more about visiting the USS Midway Museum on my San Diego Travel web site.

**This post is part of a month long series highlighting unique tidbits about museums participating in the Macy’s half-off admissions sponsorship during the month of February.**

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