Three La Jolla Homes in the National Spotlight


What do Mitt Romney, Troy Polamalu, and MTV Real World have in common? They all have homes in La Jolla that are in the process of getting national attention.

Mitt Romney’s La Jolla Home

After dropping out of the 2008 Presidential election, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney bought a $12.5 million La Jolla home near Windansea Beach. It’s next to a home actor Cliff Robertson used to live in, which a friend of Romney purchased in 2005.

I mention this during my sightseeing tours of La Jolla but have always wondered how much time he spends at his La Jolla home. I’ve seen him in TV interviews on a few occasions, which show him as coming in on a satellite feed from San Diego. I’ve also had guests from Massachusetts mention he sold his home there. Well, it turns out where Romney lives has become a point of contention as he makes another run for a Presidential nomination.

Romney has continued to call Massachusetts his official home and votes in Massachusetts elections. However, a fellow GOP contender accused Romney of illegally voting in Massachusetts suggesting Romney has been spending more time in La Jolla and should consider himself a permanent resident of California. Recently, it appears Romney has been cleared by the voter registration board in Massachusetts but I wouldn’t be surprised to see this issue arise again as Romney continues to gain momentum for his presidential bid. So, stay tuned.

Troy Polamalu’s La Jolla home

I feel bad for last year’s NFL Defensive Player of the Year. Troy Polamalu plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He’s the safety with long hair sticking out of his helmet and has caused the Chargers a lot of headaches. Well, he purchased a $2.3 million home in La Jolla in 2009, upgraded the house for another $2.45 million, and then watched his backyard slide down the south side of Mount Soledad.

Polamalu is suing the previous owner, accusing him of filling in the backyard without the proper permits and inspections. This is another example that reinforces the concept of Caveat Emptor – Buyer Beware. Again, stay tuned for the results. [As a side note to reinforce the concept of Caveat Emptor, my cousin went into escrow on a pricey home in Austin, TX last month only to find out upon extra inspection (above and beyond typical protocol) that the pool house had been built without permits and sits illegally over a public utility right of way. He obviously backed himself out of that home closing only to see the owner re-list the home at the same price waiting for an unsuspecting buyer.]

MTV’s Real World La Jolla home

They’re back. MTV’s long running reality TV series (26 seasons) Real World is back in San Diego. A few years back they were in Mission Beach. This time they are in the south end of La Jolla. It’s caused quite a ruckus because they seemed to arrive unannounced in a quiet Bird Rock neighborhood. Once neighbors caught wind of what was going on, it’s been the source of heated debate in local community meetings.

Things seemed to have settled down as the production company and the neighborhood have recently come to a compromise that includes steps to keep local looky-loos away while the show continues filming. They haven’t announced yet when the season filmed in La Jolla will be shown but I’ll be sure to update this post and tweet it when they do.

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