I’m Back to Blogging & Tweeting about Why It’s So Great to be in San Diego!


I’ve missed blogging and tweeting on a regular basis over the past year about the unique tidbits that make San Diego such a great place to live. Instead of blogging and tweeting, I’ve been keeping busy launching a tour business that takes guests on a historic tour from downtown San Diego to La Jolla and Torrey Pines.

Apparently I’m doing a good job showing out-of-towners our great city because based on their reviews, the tour is listed in the Top 10 out of 200+ attractions in San Diego. Now I just need to get the word out to more people about the tour. So, please help spread the word to anyone you have coming to town!

I’ve even had volunteers from the local visitors centers, concierges, and meeting planners take the tour and say it’s the best tour they’ve been on. So, even if you’ve been to La Jolla a hundred times, you too may enjoy the tour. I share a lot of unique trivia on the tour similar to the unique tidbits I’ve shared through my blog posts and tweets in years past about attractions in San Diego and the things that make San Diego such a great place to live.

You probably noticed by now that I also changed the name and domain of the blog from “The Best Places In San Diego” to “TourGuideTim Reveals San Diego”. I was unable to get the previous name trademarked so after talking to those who work with trademarks, I was eventually led to creating the TourGuideTim name as a way to build brand awareness in the years ahead.

So, I look forward to sharing with you unique tidbits about the wonderful County of San Diego, the place we get to call home.

In the days ahead, I’ll share the interesting comments out-of-town guests (33% of them foreign) often make about San Diego. But, to start off, I’ll spend most of this month providing unique tidbits about local museums participating in this month’s ‘Museum Month’, sponsored by Macy’s.

Going forward, I recommend you follow me here (sign up to receive emails or RSS posts), on Twitter, and on Facebook. I’ll be spreading my unique tidbits across each of the mediums. The shorter ones I’ll just post to Twitter and/or Facebook while I’ll post the longer comments about the great things to do in San Diego here on the blog.

I look forward to your comments, unique insights you have about our area, and just simply enjoying this amazing place together!

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