General Colin Powell Loves San Diego


Yesterday, Colin Powell was in town and spoke about why he loves San Diego.

He shared a story about taking NATO Generals and Russian military leaders on a tour of the United States.

When he would take them to a missile silo, his guests, particularly the Russians, would say, “Yep, we’ve got those”.

When he would take them to see a factory that builds M1 Tanks, they would say, “Yep, they look a lot like the tanks we build in our factories”.

When he would take them to see a nuclear submarine, their response was, “Yep, we’ve got those too”.

Getting a little annoyed about not leaving much of an impression on his guests, he figured he had to bring them to San Diego.


Because they certainly don’t have a San Diego and the type of community that wholeheartedly supports the members of its military.


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What do you think about this unique aspect of life in San Diego?

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