Actors from San Diego – Can you guess who I am?


Lyceum Theatre in San DiegoA lot of famous actors and actresses got their start in San Diego. I’ll provide a background description on some of the more famous actors from San Diego and let you guess who they are.

1. After graduating from Julliard, I came out to San Diego to start my career with a three year internship performing at The Old Globe in Balboa Park. I would eventually become the star of my own TV sitcoms. Who am I?

2. My father was an aerospace engineer who moved us to La Jolla when I was two years old. I would eventually become Miss La Jolla, which was my first step to stardom. In 2010, I released my auto-biography and philosophy for life. Who am I?

3. We recently interviewed on ABC’s TV show, The View, during which we began reminiscing about first meeting at the Comedy Store in La Jolla. We’ve gone on to great success as stand-up comics and performing in major films. One of us used to work as a dishwasher at a venerable San Diego restaurant and then eventually help start the San Diego Repertory Theatre. Who am I? Extra bonus: Who was the other person on The View who occasionally returns to San Diego to ride a bike in charity events?

4. While growing up as a kid in La Jolla and watching so many planes flying around the area, I was inspired to become a pilot. I was personally selected by John F. Kennedy to fill an important movie role. In 1968, I won an Oscar. In 2005, my beachfront home in La Jolla sold for $16.5 million. Who am I?

Theatre in La Jolla5. My dad owned a pharmacy in La Jolla, right at the corner of Girard and Prospect. I made my way to Broadway before I eventually ended up in Hollywood. I would eventually win an Academy Award in 1962. While in Hollywood I missed performing on stage in front of a live audience. So, I brought my fellow Hollywood stars to La Jolla for the summers, where we started our own theatre company. Who am I?

6. I too grew up in La Jolla. I starred in such films as Forrest Gump and Princess Bride. Until 2010, I was married to another famous actor. Who am I?

7. I was voted ‘most likely to succeed’ at Helix High School. I interned as a stagehand at the La Jolla Playhouse and performed with the San Diego Junior Theatre and Old Globe Theatre. I went on to become a well-known actor, writer, and director, earning two Academy Award nominations, including one for supporting actor in Hoosiers. Who am I?

8. I moved to San Diego when I was 7 years old, attended Patrick Henry High School and Mesa College, during which time I performed with the San Diego Junior Theatre and Old Globe Theatre. I went on to earn four Academy Award nominations. I’m currently married to a famous actor, who I starred with in a movie remake about two star crossed lovers who had agreed to meet at the top of the Empire State Building. Who am I?

So, go ahead and post your guesses below. I’ll be curious to see if anyone can name all eight actors (and actresses) from San Diego described above.

Update: Thank you to the Facebook fans of the San Diego Junior Theatre, who came up with 5 of the 8 answers. Below, you will see Shannon correctly guessed all eight Hollywood Actors from San Diego. However, I’m still looking to see if anyone can answer the bonus question on #3. I reveal another hint in the comments below.

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10 Responses to “Actors from San Diego – Can you guess who I am?”

  1. Wow. I’m impressed. Fans of the Junior Theatre have guessed 5 of the 8 so far!. Just #1, #3, and #5 remain. I’ll post the answers Friday.

  2. shannon says:

    1. kelsey gramer

    2. Raquel Welch

    3.whoopi goldberg sherri shepherd

    4. Cliff Robertson

    5 Gregory Peck

    6 Robyn Wright

    7. Dennis Hopper

    8. Annette Benning

  3. Great Job Shannon! You got them all! You really know your history of San Diego. Maybe I should have you do a guest post with some of your own trivia to share!

    However, I will add that the bonus person I’m looking for on #3 is a male comedian/actor. For another hint, in one movie, he served as an inspiring professor.

  4. AJ says:

    Bonus person is Robin Williams?

  5. Miss Andy says:

    Is the answer to #3 Richard Dreyfuss?

  6. I like your guess Miss Andy. Richard Dreyfuss is a current resident of North County San Diego but that’s not the bonus person I’m looking for. Although, I see how he could fit considering the hints I’ve given. So, here’s another hint:

    The movie I’m referring to where the actor served as an inspiring professor was filmed at a boarding school near Wilmington, Delaware and meant to represent a fictional academy in 1950′s Vermont. As a side note, I grew up in Wilmington and some of my classmates served as extras in the movie.

  7. Ahh. Very good AJ. Just saw your answer of Robin Williams and yes, you are correct.

    As for the movie I was hinting at where he was serving as the inspiring teacher: Dead Poets Society.
    He’s visited La Jolla in recent years to participate in the Challenged Athletes Foundation’s San Diego Triathlon.

    Thank you for the guesses everyone. Stay tuned for more interesting tidbits and trivia about San Diego!

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  9. AJ says:

    Thanks Tour Guide Tim for a fun trivia set and thanks to JT for posting on the fanpage for me to discover! Lucky we had just rented Dead Poet’s Society…

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