60 Minutes’ Steve Kroft goes for ride of his life with J. Craig Venter up Torrey Pines Rd


I love it when La Jolla gets publicity. I figure the more publicity for La Jolla, the more visitors and conventioneers staying in downtown San Diego will want to join me for tours to La Jolla and Torrey Pines.

J. Craig Venter has been in the international spotlight quite a bit for his work in deciphering the human genome and always seems to take the opportunity to show off La Jolla. (He and his staff sequenced the human genome in a fraction of the time it took the federal government to do the same thing. There was a bit of controversy surrounding the race between Venter and the government to see who could sequence it first but they finally agreed to publicly call it a tie when Venter and then President Bill Clinton shared the stage as they announced their findings to the world.)

A while back I tweeted a Wall Street Journal article profiling Venter, a UCSD grad. The article feature’s Venter’s La Jolla home and quotes him saying, “This is longest that I’ve been in one place in 30 years, I’m saying ‘no’ to more and more events because it’s so nice here.”

Venter had another opportunity to showcase La Jolla when he was interviewed by Steve Kroft for 60 Minutes episode shown last month. The segment starts with Kroft riding in a convertible Aston Martin, screaming up the steep grade in Torrey Pines followed by the views Venter enjoys from his home overlooking La Jolla Shores and the Pacific. Hmm, I wonder if I should trade in the charter bus I use for sightseeing tours and replace it with the Aston Martin?

I’ll post the video below for those of you who haven’t seen it. You may also be interested in reading a previous series of  blog posts I wrote introducing a variety of the research institutes in Torrey Pines, including Venter’s non-profit, the J. Craig Venter Institute. I learned from the 60 Minutes episode that he also runs the for-profit Synthetic Genomics, which is across the street from the Torrey Pines Golf Course driving range.

So, I ask all other famous people living in La Jolla, ‘keep promoting La Jolla’!

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