5 Reasons to Visit the San Diego County Fair on this Final Weekend


Roosters at the San Diego Fair1. Learn something new – This year’s theme is ‘Cars’. If you are a NASCAR racing fan or are curious why there is such a big fuss about NASCAR events, you can jump into a real car from NASCAR. It’s been fitted with a simulator allowing you to speed by adoring fans. The simulator is a good release for those with pent-up energy after patiently making their way into San Diego Fair parking lot.

2. Amazingly beautiful flowers – The best green thumbs in San Diego brought their prized possessions to the fair and competed for the recognition as the best gardener in town. My favorites were the sea dahlias and poohs. Don’t know what a pooh is? You’ll have to go to the fair and find out.

3. Best looking farm animals you’ve ever seen – Cat & Dog Shows bring out some of the most interesting groomers who love to show-off their pets. But, have you ever seen groomed roosters? You won’t be disappointed. I spent a lot of time at my grandparents’ farm and I’d never seen roosters like the ones you’ll see at the fair.

4. Healthy Meal & a Fried Twinkie – If you thought there was no chance you could find healthy food at the fair, think again. I ate a chicken kabob on pita with green peppers and onions at Chicken Charlies. That allowed me to try out their chocolate fried Twinkie guilt-free!

5. Help Children’s Hospital – Did you ever get carried away trying to win a bunch of stuffed toys at the carnival games and they wonder where you were going to store all of your bounty? Well, worry no more. On your way out of the fair, stick your stuffed animals in the barrels provided by the Torrey Pine Rotary. They’ll take the toys over to Children’s Hospital.

The San Diego Fair in Del Mar ends on Monday, July 4 so make plans to visit this weekend! Enjoy.

Click to see more pictures from this year’s fair.

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