Watch for these San Diego Super Bowl Connections


From Super Bowl Ads to the playing field, San Diego will have a huge presence this Sunday. Here is a rundown of what to look for:

Super Bowl Pre-Game

Carlsbad based Callaway Golf will sponsor the pre-game show from 2 – 2:30PM PST, introducing their 2010 golf products. (Callaway CEO George Fellows talks about the Super Bowl ads in an MSNBC interview.)

The world’s #2 ranked golfer and Rancho Santa Fe resident Phil Michelson will have a role during one of the pre-game segments. He is expected to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl.

San Diego resident Amanda Cameron is one of two finalists for the position of the NFL’s Director of Fandemonium. The winner will be announced during the pre-game.

Qualcomm’s Flo TV will run their 1st commercial around 2:30 PST with CBS Commentator James Brown promoting their TV on a cell phone service.

Super Bowl Ads

Miller High Life is buying Super Bowl commercial time for four small companies, including Dan Engelbrecht’s Del’s Barber Shop in Escondido. You can watch the commercial, which has already started airing in the past week.

Qualcomm’s Flo TV will run two more ads, one feature CBS commentator Jim Nantz and the other featuring pop singer from the Black-Eyed Peas. You can get a sneak peak (only a snippet) of the Super Bowl ads at the Flo TV web site.

The Big Game

The whole reason we watch the Super Bowl is for the game so let us not forget about the players with San Diego connections. Our area seems to have a strong preference for the New Orleans Saints because of these close ties:

Drew Brees - The former Chargers quarterback is still loved by the community and has gone on to inspire the people of New Orleans back to their feet after Hurricane Katrina with his continued Pro Bowl worthy performances.

Reggie Bush – Helix High alum and Heisman Trophy Winner who still keeps quite involved with the San Diego community.

John Carney – The former Chargers kicker and long-time San Diego resident, who was recently voted one of the top 50 Chargers of all time, kicked for New Orleans during the early part of the season while their starting kicker was on suspension. Carney now serves as the kicking consultant for the Saints. Let’s hope this Super Bowl brings nail-biting excitement requiring a last-second field goal to win the game.

Lynell Hamilton – Former San Diego State Aztec has rushed for a couple touchdowns this season for the Saints.

Freddy Keiaho – Another San Diego State Aztec who plays linebacker for the Indianapolis Colts.

So, when you watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, keep any eye out for these San Diego players and businesses to make a splash in front of a worldwide audience.

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