La Jolla Cove – Historic but Dilapidated Red Rest & Red Roost Homes Finally up for Sale


I couldn’t believe my eyes Friday when walking through the most beautiful spot in Southern California…La Jolla Cove. There was a Real Estate sign in front of, ironically, the two most dilapidated homes anywhere in the country. They are known as Red Rest and Red Roost, both of which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Red Rest can be seen behind the 'Do Not Enter' signs on the upper right side of this photo.

Red Rest can be seen behind the 'Do Not Enter' signs on the upper right side of this photo.

They are among the original La Jolla bungalows – single story with interiors of unfinished board and batten wood strips and open front porches. Built in 1894, they have been uninhabited since the 1970s. How could two homes with unobstructed views of La Jolla Cove and the Pacific Ocean become dilapidated and deprive someone of the pleasure of living there over the past 40 years?

Well, the owner of the property wanted to build a hotel on the property. However, his request was denied as locals fought to preserve the historic homes and as San Diegans passed Proposition D in 1972, which set a 30 foot height limit on new construction in La Jolla. In response, the owner decided to spite the community by throwing out the current renters and allowing the homes to fall into disrepair ever since.

Well, it appears the heirs of the owner, who has since passed away, are ready to put the property into someone else’s hands. If you have a minimum of $10 million to spare for 1 of the 2 lots and are ready to restore these homes listed on the National Register of Historical Places, the listing company is Since last week, calls have been coming in from around the world expressing interest in purchasing the properties.

For more history on these homes read the articles from the Save Our Heritage Organization, which listed these homes as the 2009 Most Endangered, and the La Jolla Light.

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