Do you have the perfect ‘Dirty Job’ to be featured on Discovery Channel?


Did you see the San Diego Maritime Museum’s Star of India featured on tonight’s episode of ‘Dirty Jobs‘?

The host of the show on Discovery Channel, Mike Rowe, is becoming a household name among TV viewers as he takes on the dirtiest jobs in America.

Four more ‘Dirty Job’ ideas for San Diego have been submitted to the show in recent days. Check them out. If you think they are worthy, add your comment supporting the idea and let’s get the cameras back out to San Diego. Maybe you have your own ‘Dirt Job’ idea you would like to submit.

Raising Live Bait in San Diego Bay for Fishing

Cleaning Oceanside Ale Works Brewery

Cleaning the Ballast and Mud Tanks of a Navy Submarine

Cleaning the Air Handlers at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot

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One Response to “Do you have the perfect ‘Dirty Job’ to be featured on Discovery Channel?”

  1. Holliday says:

    How about try Rodeo clown (bullfighter) or working for a stock contractor it gets pretty dirty behind the chutes Rodeo clowns get pretty dirty saving the cowboys life from the bull after they get bucked off or when they bail off after the 8 seconds. Rodeo`s are a tough sport but their is lots of money to be at some Rodeo`s. Hope this helps for an idea.GO mike
    Try contacting the PBR or the PRCA these are Proffesional Asso.s

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