San Diego a Hotspot for Reality TV Contestants


Do you have what it takes to be a star on Reality TV? Do you ever wish some talent scout or casting director would pluck you off the street for their next show?

It turns out San Diego is the place to be for a chance to be on Reality TV. The Union Tribune recently published “Reality TV Likes What It Sees in San Diego’s Talent Pool“.

A casting director quoted in the article kindly spoke of San Diego’s outgoing lifestyle: “I think of San Diego as an independent and life-loving city. People in San Diego are going out and doing things they enjoy, as opposed to being couch potatoes.”  That spirit and our proximity to Hollywood makes San Diego a prime spot for plucking soon-to-be reality stars out of obscurity.

Three of the latest stars plucked from San Diego made their debuts in the past week.

Sydney Wheeler, a model and part-time interior designer in San Diego, made her debut on the newest season of Survivor. (CBS Thursdays at 8PM.) She was picked while hanging out at Bar West in Pacific Beach.

Kris Klicka and Amanda Blackledge made their debut on the Amazing Race. (CBS Sundays at 8PM.) Kris was spotted by a CBS casting agent at the Ivy in the Gaslamp Quarter. They follow on the heals of San Diego contestant Mark Yturralde, who competed in the last edition of the Amazing Race. (By the way, you can follow Yturralde on Twitter.)

Last summer, I wrote about the TLC reality TV show “Must Love Kids“, which was made up entirely of San Diego contestants and filmed throughout the county.

The UT article notes several more San Diego residents who have become reality TV stars, including contestants on Project Runway, Top Chef, American Idol, and The Bachelor. For those who have the time and knowledge, it might be interesting to post a list of all the San Diego based contestants below to see how many San Diegans got their 15 minutes of fame on Reality TV.

Will you be the next Reality TV contestant to get plucked out of San Diego?

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What do you think about this unique aspect of life in San Diego?

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