World’s Most Haunted Place is in San Diego


Most Haunted Sign at the Whaley HouseA few years back, I watched Travel Channel’s Top 10 List of Most Haunted Places. Two San Diego locations made the list, the Hotel Del Coronado and the Whaley House in Old Town.

Curious to check it out, I visited the Whaley House, which once served as our county courthouse and our area’s first movie theater. Despite serving as a courthouse and a theater, it is a small home. You can read more about it’s history on their web site or by picking up a brochure at the entrance, which encourages you to begin your self-guided tour in the courtroom.

I didn’t come across any ghosts on my short visit. Then again, I might need to be more open minded to see them. I tried finding the Travel Channel’s Top Ten List for Most Haunted Places but only found several references to it. I did find they still run a Most Haunted TV series and have included the Whaley House as part of that series.

There is quite a debate online, which you can find on the Travel Channel’s discussion forums and on YouTube as to the haunted nature of the Whaley House.

So, the next time you visit Old Town, plunk down $6 and see if you think the Whaley House is haunted. You’ll at least get an idea of what life was like in the late 19th century in San Diego.

Directions to the Whaley House from Google Maps

If you want some guidance, consider visiting with one of the following ghostly tour companies I’ve come across but not tried:

Ghostly Tours in History

Old Town’s Most Haunted

Haunted San Diego Tours

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