Will San Diego Make It On Monopoly?


Monopoly LogoHurry and vote to make San Diego a wildcard city on Monopoly’s World Edition! There are two wildcard spots open to fill the board with 22 cities. Nominations for the wildcard spots end on Thursday, the 28th. The top 20 vote-getting wildcard cities will then be entered in a run-off starting Friday, the 29th to determine the final two. You can vote every day. So, let’s make sure we get San Diego into the top 20 wildcard cities!

The other 20 spots are reserved for several dozen cities pre-selected by Monopoly. You can vote on these as well. Voting does require you to register your email with a password. However, their terms and conditions note that you will not receive any emails other than a registration activation for this contest.

Monopoly brandSo, get voting and let’s get San Diego on the board! Let us know if you’ve voted. I hope to tell you on Friday that we made the top 20!


Update:  Well, the top 20 cities were revealed and only one U.S. city, San Francisco made the wildcard list.  Thanks to all of you who voted and emailed to let me know.

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