Wikipedia born in San Diego


Wikipedia home page imageDo you use If not, try an internet search on any historical event, person, location, economic theory or political party and chances are one of the top search results will be an article from Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

Here is the story of how Wikipedia was started in San Diego. In his memoir, Larry Sanger notes the idea for Wikipedia was born at a Mexican eatery in Pacific Beach on January 2, 2001. Just two weeks later on January 15th, Larry Sanger and Jimmy Wales launched At the time, Jimmy Wales was the president of a Pacific Beach internet company called Bomis where Larry Sanger served as a staff member.

Wikipedia quickly took off. Within 5 months, over 3900 entries had been entered on the site. In the following year, was changed to the current as Jimmy Wales’ goal was to run an online encyclopedia with no advertisements.

Wikipedia has now become the largest encyclopedia in history with over 2 million entries. It is now managed by a small staff overseen by the Wikimedia Foundation, which is supported through user contributions. Since it’s start in San Diego, the management moved oversight of Wikipedia to St. Petersburg, FL and subsequently to its current home in San Francisco. However, its neat to know that Wikipedia got its start in San Diego!

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