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The Neurosciences InstituteThe Neurosciences Institute is a personal favorite of mine.  I don’t have any association with the organization.  I just find fascinating anything to do with how our brains operate. As you will read on their homepage, the brain deals with memory, learning, consciousness, and sleep – things that each one of us experiences every day of our lives. 

If you are like me, I relish the days where I feel rested from my sleep, remember names and things that need to be done, learn new subjects quickly, and am fully aware of my presence and everything around me. Unfortunately, to have everything clicking on all cylinders is a rare event.  For many, the mysteries of the brain present quite a few challenges.  For example, do you know someone who doesn’t comprehend sarcasm?  If so, chances are they have brain damage in the area of the brain that is needed to detect sarcasm.  You can read more about this finding in a recent article the San Diego Union Tribune reprinted from the New York Times.

The Neurosciences Institute is focused on solving the mysteries of the brain.  It was started by Nobel Prize Winner, Dr. Gerald Edelman, in 1981.  At that time, the Neurosciences Institute was based in New York City.  They finally wisened up (pun intended) by 1993 and moved their operations to San Diego.  I am going to assume they moved to San Diego so they could be a part of the strong medical research community that has been established on the Torrey Pines Mesa.  To learn more about how San Diego has become home to one of the top biotech clusters in the world, check out the first post in my weekly series about the research institutes in San Diego.

You can learn more about the brain and the discoveries made by the Neurosciences Institute by reading their 2008 Annual Report. Better yet, you can listen to the scientists directly by attending their library roundtables, which are open to the public. 

The Neurosciences Institute is kind enought to also offer numerous musical performances and community lectures in their auditorium.

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Scientific American Mind - If you want to learn about the latest research on the brain, this is a great magazine written in layman’s terms.

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