The Best San Diego Restaurants


AOL has just released its City’s Best List for San Diego Restaurants. Find the top 10 San Diego restaurants in 22 categories ranging from Barbecue to Vegetarian.

Are you looking for something new in your dining routine? Freshen things up by taking a look at what AOL voters have ranked as the Best San Diego Restaurants. Do you want to reward yourself with a nice after-dinner dessert? How about finding a cheap place to eat? The AOL City’s Best List has the answers.

Check to see if your favorite San Diego restaurants made the list. A few of my favorites made #1, including Bronx Pizza, In-N-Out, Rubio’s, and Extraordinary Desserts. I had a few #2s as well, including Hash House A-Go Go and Studio Diner. How about your favorite places? Did they make the list? If not, share them below and put them on the voter’s radar screens.

Bon Appetit!

AOL City’s Best List for San Diego Restaurants.

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