The Best Hospital Room in the World


San Diego has arguably the best hospital room in the world. I can tell you about it from my first hand experience. We are lucky in San Diego to have world class hospitals. We are even luckier to have first class facilities.

Last month, I had the the fortune of staying for two weeks in the Mother Theresa room at Scripps Clinic. Not only had Mother Theresa blessed the room with her presence (apparently on a couple of occasions) but she also took calls from POPE JOHN PAUL II during her three week stay as noted in this New York Times article.

However, even Mother Theresa’s presence might not have been enough to hold me over for a two week stay in a hospital. Fortunately, this was no ordinary hospital room. Check out the view:

Mother Theresa Room

Yep, that’s the Torrey Pines Golf Course in the foreground (home of the PGA’s 2008 U.S. Open Championship) and the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean in the distance. The windows in my room went from wall -to-wall and floor-to-ceiling. The view could not have been any more magnificent. Watching the beautiful Southern California sunset became a daily treat. Heck, who would want to leave this hospital room? My mother chimed in that not only did I get to enjoy these resort-like views but was also receiving room service to boot. (I’ll have to say hospital food is not too bad these days – at least at Scripps.) Finally, my lovely wife and my doctors had enough of me enjoying these one-of-a-kind hospital digs and sent me home.

This hospital stay reminded me of how lucky we San Diegans are for living in such a wonderful place. How many other hospital rooms in the world do you think could rival the ones we have available to us in San Diego, especially this particular room? It’s not just the beautiful and comfortable environment we get to enjoy but the company of wonderful people who live here as well.

Just about everyone I meet is friendly and outgoing. I moved here from the East Coast ten years ago and was struck by two things in particular. One, the people at the grocery stores kill me with kindness. (Can I help you find something? Can I help you out to your car?) The same goes for other service providers. People here are so much more courteous and helpful. The second was the contrast in the local news broadcasts. Back East, the headlines covered who was shot and whose home burned down. One of the first newscasts I watched here led off with a California blue whale swimming past surfers at La Jolla Shores.

Using a recent example we can all appreciate was the outpouring of help during the wildfires. The nation certainly took notice of the wonderful nature of people who live in San Diego.

There are many wonderful gems about the place we call home. So much so that no one of us can be aware of all that lies around us. Thus, I’ve decided to create this blog as an opportunity for everyone to share the gems they have found so that we may all have a richer experience in America’s Finest ‘County’.

[Note: I would like to pass along my thanks to all of the wonderful doctors, nurses and staff at Scripps Clinic in Torrey Pines. It is not easy being stuck in a hospital room. However, you certainly made it a wonderful experience and my heart has recovered quite well. Instead of looking at Torrey Pines through windows, I'm now hiking in the Torrey Pines Reserve a regular basis. Thank you.]

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  1. Mohcine says:

    Amen to everything you said Brother!

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