World’s Best Acoustical Guitars Made in San Diego


Taylor GuitarWhether you have played a guitar or mimicked playing out your fantasy of being a famous guitarist, you have probably heard of Taylor Guitars. Taylor Guitars of El Cajon is regarded as the most prestigious maker of acoustical guitars.

Their status as the maker of the best acoustical guitars is evidenced by their long list of famous customers. None of the musicians or other notable stars are paid to endorse Taylor Guitars, nor are they provided free guitars to help build exposure. Taylor Guitars is also the recipient of the ‘Best Acoustic Guitar 2008‘ as selected by representatives of over 100 music magazines from around the world.

Co-founder Bob Taylor built his first guitar in-between servicing customers as gas station attendant. A short time later in October of 1974, Taylor started what would become the world famous Taylor Guitars along with Kurt Listug and Steve Schemmer.

The story of Taylor Guitars was certainly not one of instant success. They spent the first ten years struggling to keep the doors open. At one point, they had to fire all of their employees so they could afford to pay themselves a $100 a week to make ends meet. With such limited income, if any at times, and pile of debt, they began to wonder if they could ever make a living making acoustic guitars. Lucky enough for music lovers and the San Diego economy, the owners pressed on.

Finally, one of their guitars was used by Prince in the Purple Rain and Live Aid videos. Soon after, the likes of Billy Idol and Bonnie Raitt became big fans of Taylor Guitars. As the old expression goes, the rest was history. The company now employs several hundred staff members and is known around the world for the best acoustic guitars.

Taylor Guitar Tours are available weekdays at 1PM. They are free to the public and last about 1.25 hours.

Directions from Google Maps. Taylor Guitars is located approximately 20 minutes northeast of downtown.

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