Study Shows San Diego Is #1 in Biotech


Over the past twelve Wednesdays, I have highlighted the various science institutes based in Torrey Pines. This large collection of research institutions is poised to make San Diego a leader in the 21st century. San Diego is winning “the race to generate high-paying jobs and underwrite local prosperity” by luring, “what many believe is the economic growth industry of the 21st century – biotechnology“.

These quotes are from the Milken Institute, which gives a perfect 100 score to San Diego in its Biotech Index, ranking San Diego as #1 in the country. The Milken Institute cites San Diego’s Biotech Cluster for generating nearly 60,000 jobs and $6 billion in income for the local economy. They call San Diego a model of what it takes to create and nurture a Biotech Cluster.

It was the foresight of local leaders and the overwhelming support by San Diego voters in the 1960s, who approved the granting of land to The Salk Institute and others that has put America’s Finest City in a position to be one of the leading cities in the 21st century.

If you want to learn more about the Milken Study called, America’s Biotech and Life Science Clusters: San Diego’s Position and Economic Contributions, you can order it online.

This brings an end to my weekly series about the biotech cluster that has come to life in San Diego. I will use future Wednesday posts to write about other institutes and industries that are also positioning San Diego to be an economic leader in our new millennium.

To finish off this biotech series, here are just a few of the other biotech related companies I thought you might be interested in knowing they call San Diego home.

Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development is the only Johnson & Johnson Research Hub west of Philadelphia. Their Torrey Pines facility is recognized for its leading edge photovoltaic and co-generation systems, which cover most of their power needs.

Pfizer Research and Development consists of an eight building campus with over 1 million square feet of space. Its state of the art facilities also provides an incubator program supporting new San Diego start-up companies.

J. Craig Venter Institute is technically not a San Diego based company but it does have a La Jolla satellite facility. I thought it was worth noting the double degree alumnus of UCSD and namesake of the institute since he was the first human to have his full genome sequenced. He led the charge to map the human genome and was recognized for his efforts in 2000 by then President, Bill Clinton. More recently, he has been recognized by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

UCSD Science Research Park is the latest effort by UCSD to help San Diego capitalize on the wealth of biotech knowledge in San Diego and encourage the entrepreneurially minded to create the next big biotech company.

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