Slowing Economy is a Boon for San Diego Cruise Ship Industry


San Diego is the perfect place to ride out any type of storm.  Obviously, the weather here is near perfect.  But, did you know San Diego is also a great place to ride out an economic storm?

Tourism nationwide fell dramatically after 9/11 as people reacted by staying closer to family and avoiding planes. As a result, people throughout the Southwestern part of the United States turned to San Diego as their vacation hot spot.  We served as the getaway vacation capital for the 10 million residents of Los Angeles and the nearly 5 million residents in the Phoenix metro area. These two cities are the largest in the Western United States and San Diego is within easy driving distance of both.  That helped to prop up our tourism industry during the weak economy at that time.

Now that our nation’s economy is going through another rought spot, here is another sign that San Diego’s tourism business will get a boost.  The Cruise Log Blog at USA Today reports Royal Caribbean Cruises is moving their 2,501 passenger Randiance of the Seas ship from the Caribbean to San Diego to ride out the current economic storm.  The theory is a lot more people will be willing to drive to San Diego rather than fly to the Caribbean during the economic downturn.  An additional 24 trips will originate out of San Diego, bringing up to 60,000 more visitors through San Diego.

It is always nice to see a bright spot in every storm.  This is just another one of the benefits of living in San Diego. If you want to see the cruise ships up close, check out my post about the San Diego Cruise Ship Terminal I made earlier in the year.

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