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Update: The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center is no longer in operation and has been dissolved. Here is a listing of where you can find former Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center researchers. Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center

In May of 2005, The National Cancer Institute rated the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center #1 out of 60 other research institutes and cancer centers for a $14 million Program Project Grant. The head of the institute and lead investigator for the project grant was formally an associate professor at Harvard Medical School. He noted, “I can say, categorically, I could never have done this at Harvard”. He went on to say, “I don’t think there is any place else on the face of this Earth that you could have done a multi-investigator grant on vascular targeting at the level of this program project, except for here in San Diego. We probably have four of the top five or six investigators in the world here. Boston couldn’t do it.” This is just more proof San Diego is a great place to work, play, and relax.

The Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center, founded in 1990, focuses on laboratory discoveries that will lead to cancer diagnosis, prevention and treatment. Nearly 150 scientists, laboratory staff, and other support personnel work at the Cancer Center.

The Cancer Center focuses on five research program areas including immunology, vascular biology, genomics, cancer cell biology and drug development. You can learn more about their research in the ‘Cores’ area of their web site.

Seminars are generally offered on a monthly basis. See the list of upcoming seminars at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center web site.

You can also volunteer to help the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center.

Sidney Kimmel biography – Sidney Kimmel has been the head of the Jones Apparel Group, since its founding in the mid-1970s. The Jones Apparel Group is better known by its popular apparel brands including Jones New York, Gloria Vanderbilt, and Nine West. Kimmel is also known for his film company that has produced such movies as 9 1/2 Weeks and The Emperor’s Club. The Sidney Kimmel Foundation has committed nearly a half a billion dollars to charitable causes with the main focus on cancer research.

This blog post is one of several on a series about the research institutes on the Torrey Pines Mesa in La Jolla, making it one of the largest clusters for medical and biotechnology research in the world.

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