Richest City in the World Seeks Help from San Diego Zoo


Last year, Fortune Magazine dubbed Abu Dhabi, the richest city in the world. The capital of the United Arab Emirates sits on 10% of the world’s oil and is using its riches to build a 21st century city.

San Diego ZooIn an announcement last week, the Abu Dhabi government signed a strategic partnership with the Zoological Society of San Diego in an effort to create a 2,000 acre wildlife park in Abu Dhabi. This project will transform the current Al Ain Zoo into the Al Ain Wildlife Park and Resort.

Consulting fees earned from the Abu Dhabi zoo project will support ongoing work for the Zoological Society, according to the Imperial Valley News.

You can learn more from Wikipedia about Abu Dhabi and the nearby emirate of Dubai, which has received most of the recent attention for using its oil revenue to quickly bring its economy into the 21st century with first class luxuries.

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