San Diego was Home to the Country’s Most Powerful Radio Signal


I mentioned in a previous post that NBC has a great show on Sunday nights called About San Diego. Ken Kramer is the host and this weekend he shared a piece of history that I found quite fascinating.

In 1917, three 600 foot radio transmitters were built in San Diego. Mind you, no building in downtown San Diego is higher than 500 feet. These huge towers broadcast radio signals over 12,000 miles, including the announcement of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

To put this in perspective, London and Tokyo are each about 5,500 miles from San Diego. Now, I’m not sure if the radio signal could actually be heard in those cities due to the curvature of the Earth but a 12,000 mile broadcast is quite impressive.

You can read more about the transmitter tower built by the Navy from the Global Security web site.

Update: Old video segments created by Ken are replayed occasionally on KPBS, Ken’s new TV home, and during the Friday night 11PM news on NBC.

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