Visit the San Diego Lion Cubs!


Wild Animal Park - Image from the Lion Cub DebutIf you hear roars coming from the North County, don’t run away from them. Head straight to the Wild Animal Park and feast your eyes and ears on the new lion pride. Seven lion cubs were born this past November and are now open for visits from the public.

Wild Animal Park Lion Cub at attentionIt’s not often you get a chance to see a lion cub with your own eyes, let alone seven lion cubs. I did a quick search on the few zoos around the world that have lion cubs available for viewing and found none can offer the playful atmosphere that the seven cubs born right here in San Diego are providing. The Wild Animal Park did a great job building it’s new Lion Camp a few years ago, which houses the lions. It provides a great opportunity for visitors to see them up close.

Wild Animal Park - Lion Cub SleepingOn my Sunday visit, two of the lion clubs were lying right up against the viewing window. It was fun watching the eyes of little kids glow as they moved up close to the lion cubs. Everyone walks away with a big smile on their face after watching the lion cubs wrestle with one another, tease their napping parents with little wake-up jabs, and snuggle up against the viewing glass.

When you go to visit, be sure to ask how long the lion cubs will be on display. On Sunday, they were only going to be out until 11AM. Despite the early viewing time, it’s best to visit the Wild Animal Park or its sister, The World Famous San Diego Zoo, in the morning anyways, since that is when the animals are most active. Wild Animal Park in bloomThis is also the best time of year to visit because many of the animals are performing their mating rituals and the extensive flower gardens are in bloom.

You can also see the lion cubs on this video from the Wild Animal Park, shot on the lion cubs’ introduction to the public. Once you select your internet connection speed and preferred video player, the lion cub show will begin!

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