San Diego is the Most Desired City for Workers Nationwide


San Diego is known for being a top vacation destination. New research to be published by the Human Capital Institute will show that America’s Finest City is also the most desired city for workers to land a job. The survey polled both workers and entrepreneurs nationwide.

On the bright side for those of us already living in San Diego, we can take pleasure in having achieved something that most others dream about – making a living in the most desired city in America. On the other hand, this helps prove that that we do pay a ‘sun tax’ in lower wages because there is an endless supply of workers willing to take jobs in our warm playground. As for me, I’ll accept the ‘sun tax’ anytime, especially now considering I can still wear shorts outside as we head into the winter months while our brethren in other parts of the country put on gloves and boots as they prepare to scrape ice off their windshields.

Technically, the study will show New York City is #1. But, when you dig into the numbers as the Union Tribune did in today’s paper regarding this story, you will learn that San Diego received the most 1st and 2nd place votes among survey participants. The Human Capital Institute added up the #1, #2, and #3 survey responses to determine the best cities. New York had a lot more #3 votes to catch up and surpass San Diego. In addition, enough survey respondents listed New York City as the least desirable city for a job making it #1 in that category as well. San Diego was nowhere to be found on that end of the list. So, in my book, San Diego is the most desirable city.

You can read more about the survey and view San Diego’s profile at Business Week’s web site. You might also want to read a blog series I wrote earlier this year on how San Diego became such a powerhouse in the biotech industry. It’s another story where San Diego’s desirability as a place to live and the vision of early San Diegans created a strong environment for attracting companies and jobs.

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