San Diego Home to Largest Colony of Koala Bears


If you love images of the cuddly Koala bear and don’t think you will have the chance to visit their native home of Australia any time soon, the World Famous San Diego Zoo is the next best place to get a glimpse of koala bears in person.

Before I go on, I should clarify that “koala bear” is a misnomer. Despite our natural tendency to refer to them as koala bears, the San Diego Zoo web site for koalas notes they are not bears, but rather marsupials. As such, the appropriate reference is just “koala”.

Why is San Diego the next best place to see koalas? It turns out koalas only eat eucalyptus, a native tree to Australia. Eucalyptus trees, which thrive in dry climates, were introduced to California during the Gold Rush.

The presence of abundant food for the koalas in Southern California allowed the San Diego Zoo to become a recipient of a generous gift of two koalas from the Australians in 1925. Since then, the koala community has flourished at the Zoo. The large colony allows the Zoo to loan the cuddly koala’s to other zoos around the world.

You can read more about the koala, look at pictures and watch a video of them at the San Diego Zoo web site. Better yet, you should visit the koalas at the San Diego Zoo. When you enter the zoo, just head down your path to the right about 75 yards and you will see them on your right. I find it best to visit them during the morning hours when they are usually more active. However, they are still very cute to look at as they sleep for about 18 hours during the day.

I also recommend you become a zoo member so you can receive their monthly ZooNooz magazine and learn more about our World Famous San Diego Zoo.

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