San Diego High School Baseball Players in Major League Baseball


A whopping 33 baseball players from San Diego High Schools played in Major League Baseball this year. That is an impressive statistic, which I doubt any other metro area can match. To put it in perspective, I came from a state, albeit a small one – Delaware – where it was big news when one player finally made it to the majors – Delino DeShields. Maybe Los Angeles can give us a run for our money but I couldn’t find a list of baseball players from L.A.

Some of the more recognizable major league players who got their start in San Diego include Barry Zito, Cole Hamels, and our own Padre, Adrian Gonzalez. See the full list of Major League Baseball Players from San Diego, which is maintained by the San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum. (By the way, the San Diego Sports Museum is the largest sports museum in the country.)

The Sports Museum also maintains lists of NBA and NFL players from San Diego high schools. The number of NFL players from San Diego is quite impressive as well and is likely one of the best in the country. To boot, we had two local football players from the same high school nominated as finalists for the 2004 Heisman Trophy, which was a first in Heisman Trophy history.

So, if you were every curious as to who from San Diego is current playing in professional sports, you now know you can keep track of them with the San Diego Hall of Champions Sports Museum web site.

Go San Diego!!!

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