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Do you ever watch the news, read the paper, or talk with a friend and find out that your favorite author was in town for a book signing, or a band you have wanted to see finally came to San Diego, or a museum event you would have wanted to attend took place over the weekend? However, you only found out after-the-fact.

We’ve all been there but how many of us figured out a way to become all-knowing about these great activities and events before they happened?

Fortunately for us, there is one San Diegan who did take some time to figure out how to solve this problem. His name is Brian Dear and appropriately enough, his blog is called Brianstorms.

His brainstorm on this challenge has resulted in is the world’s leading repository of events with over 4 million listings to date. To give you an example for the San Diego listing, there are 123 upcoming events for animal and pet lovers, 421 for Art, Antiques, and Crafts, 120 festivals, fairs, and parades, and 1,947 for music and concerts., based in University City, allows you to search and sort through this data in a variety of ways including proximity to your zip code, type of activity, date, and venue. You can keep up-to-date on what is happening at your local Barnes & Noble, what festivals are being held at Balboa Park, who is campaigning in town, or who is performing at your favorite music venue.

Once you have found an event of interest, you can ask to be alerted of any updates, signify to your friends on social networks that you are planning to attend, and download it to your calendar.

Thanks go out to Brian Dear for eliminating one of those pesky annoyances in life. We’ll never again have to say, “Darn, I wish I knew about that”. – Local Events, Concerts, Sports, Festivals & More

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3 Responses to “Never Miss Another Local Event”

  1. Brian Dear says:

    Um, close.

    My name is Brian Dear. No idea where you got the “Deal” part from — that’s a new one. :-)

  2. The Best Places in San Diego says:

    Oops! Thank you for the correction Brian. I’ve updated the page. Thanks for reading. Take care.

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