SDSU Professor Wins National Award


I’m a big fan of entrepreneurs. I’m an even bigger fan of those who encourage entrepreneurship. It makes me happy to share with you that a San Diego State professor has been recognized for her efforts to create the next generation of international entrepreneurs.

Dr. Musteen with the Olympus 2008 Emerging Educational Leader Award“Dr. Martina Musteen, assistant management professor, has been named the recipient of the Olympus 2008 Emerging Educational Leader Award. The award recognizes individuals who have demonstrated innovative thinking in higher education.”

“Musteen was recognized for her dynamic teaching approach and her motivational classroom style for students studying global entrepreneurship. She is credited with developing the very popular international entrepreneurship course that she currently teaches at SDSU and she has been instrumental in paving the way for those students seeking work to become global entrepreneurs.”

I started an Entrepreneurs Club when I was in college at a time when entrepreneurship was not taken too seriously by administrators as an educational discipline. It’s nice to see that Entrepreneurship has finally taken root in the curriculum of universities across the country. Entrepreneurs turn ideas into reality, solve problems, and create jobs.

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