San Diego County Second Only to NYC


San Diego took five spots on Priceline’s list of top 50 destinations for Memorial Day weekend. No other city, except for New York City, placed more than 3 of their destinations on the Top 50 List.

The Coastal Area is #14, Point Loma and Shelter Island are #19, Harbor Island and Downtown are #21, East County is #37, and Mission Valley is #45. Priceline, an online travel agency, bases its list on actual hotel room bookings for the Memorial Day Weekend.

When I moved across country to San Diego ten years ago, I told myself if I did not find financial success that afforded me the luxury of travel, at least I’ll be living in a vacation destination. Little did I realize then I would be living in one of the top destinations in the country. I’m enjoying it and hope you are too. No matter how bad things might get from time to time, just remember, you live in San Diego!

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