A Great City for Movie Lovers


Cinema LightsThis will be the first of a several part series on why San Diego is such a great place for movie lovers. Today, I’ll tell you how you can get a private showing of films from major and independent studios before their public release.

A friend has been telling me about this great group of people who meet on a monthly basis not only to get an early glimpse of first-run movies but to listen to guest experts, including actors, directors, and studio representatives, discuss the films in detail. A couple weeks ago, the director of ‘Note by Note: The Making of Steinway L1037′ presented his feature-length documentary, which followed the making of a Steinway concert grand piano from forest floor to concert hall. After the showing, guests were treated to a viewing of the actual Steinway built during the filming and a professional performance on a concert grand piano.

The Cinema Society of San Diego certainly knows how to take an ordinary movie night and turn it in to an extraordinary experience. Visit their web site to learn more about the group and information on how to become a member.

Now, how many places in the country can you think of that could provide this type of experience? Maybe LA and New York but I bet we would be hard pressed to find other cities. This is just one more reason why we are lucky to live in San Diego. Look for more posts on why San Diego is such a great place for movie lovers in the months ahead.

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What do you think about this unique aspect of life in San Diego?

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