San Diego Takes 5th for Best Places to Raise Kids


LEGOLAND San DiegoThe Today Show web site reports that Best Life Magazine has rated San Diego #5 for the Best Places to Raise a Family.

The ranking of 257 cities was based on child safety, education spending, student test scores, divorce rates, commute times, cost of housing, and access to parks, museums, and pediatricians.

Considering our housing costs are among the highest in the nation, we must do quite well in all of the other categories to beat out 252 other cities in the country.

So, it appears San Diegans have perfected the whole life cycle considering we rank 12th in the country for Best Places for Having Babies, and placed 8th in the country on AARP’s list of Best Places for Senior Citizens to reinvent their lives. In addition to those previous posts, San Diego also ranks as on of the Best Places for Mid-Career Professionals.

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