San Diego 2nd Best for Outdoor Living


Los Penasquitos CanyonBoy, this must be the season for Top 10 lists. Lately, the daily posts have been nearly exclusively focused on San Diego’s high ranking for a number of positive attributes. Once these lists slow down I’ll get back to making more posts on unique places in San Diego that you will want to check out.

The latest ranking comes from Forbes Magazine. They compiled data from the Trust for Public Land regarding parks and recreation, the EPA for air quality, and NOAA for weather characteristics to determine the best cities for outdoor living. It’s probably not much of a surprise that San Diego placed 2nd in the country.

We scored particularly well for number of days above 32 degrees and under 90 degrees (all but 2 days), and the percentage of parkland set aside (21.5% vs. and average of 10.5%). You can review the full list of best cities for outdoors living at the Forbes web site.

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What do you think about this unique aspect of life in San Diego?

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