San Diegans Saving Rain Forests


Del MarA Del Mar based organization called Nature and Culture International is preserving millions of acres of rain forests throughout South America. There was a nice write-up in the Saturday edition of the Union Tribune about this organization, which was founded by Ivan Gayler, an original partner in Del Mar Plaza.

Surprisingly, half of the funding comes from San Diegans and local foundations. It is great to see locals making an effort to protect valuable rain forest habitat.

Visit the Nature and Culture International web site to calculate the amount of carbon emission your family makes on the planet. Unlike other carbon footprint calculators, Nature and Culture International’s carbon emissions calculator also takes into account your family’s share of what food needs to be grown, infrastructure that needs to be built, and entertainment that is offered. They classify these as societal impacts, which also need to be accounted for when estimating our carbon emission footprint. In my case, these societal impacts made up over half of my family’s total carbon emissions.

Once you have calculated a more realistic assessment of your environmental impact, you are given a recommended Living Forest Carbon Offsets figure. Use this figure as a basis for considering a donation to help Nature and Culture International preserve additional rain forest land. Each acre of rain forest preserved will help offset 32 metric tons of carbon emissions. Each acre can be purchased with an $80 donation.

So, if you have heard a lot about buying carbon offsets to balance out your carbon emissions, here is an easy way to finally participate. Let’s help San Diego continue to be a leader in preserving the environment.

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