Send Your Kids on a Safari for Under $500


Imagine sending your kids to have fun with the animals they love while giving yourself a well deserved break from parenting. If that sounds too good to be true, consider that it will cost you less than $500. It gets even better. There is no airfare required if you live in San Diego.

One of the luxuries of living in San Diego is having the San Diego Wild Animal Park as one of our neighbors. The Wild Animal Park has 3,500 animals spread over 1,800 acres. There’s no need to pay a high plane fare and spend the time traveling to Africa. The sister of the San Diego Zoo has brought them all here to us and cares for them in a safari-like setting.

Now that August is nearly upon us and your kids may be getting a little bored of summer vacation, don’t worry. There is still time to sign them up for a summer camp program that will make them brag to all their friends in the new school year about the cool places you sent them on their summer vacation.

The Wild Animal Park offers two and three day sleepover camps ranging from $294 to $499. Just drop them off and the Wild Animal Park will take care of the kids while educating and entertaining them with the animals. Just think of the late summer vacation you will get to enjoy too while the kids are off having fun.

If you can’t imagine parting with your kids at night, the Wild Animal Park also offers day camps. So, send them on an adventure they will be talking about for months!

Learn more about the Wild Animal Park’s summer camp programs.

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