Richard Dreyfuss Teaching Civics in San Diego


Hollywood star and San Diego resident Richard Dreyfuss is making plans to create a non-profit aimed at improving our knowledge of civics.  The timing could not be more perfect as the Intercollegiate Studies Institute just announced last week that our knowledge of civics is at an all-time low.

The latest civics survey found 68% of U.S citizens failed a basic civics test.  Unfortunately, our elected officials did not score any better on average.  You can visit the Intercollegiate Studies Institute web site to test your knowledge of civics.  This is a great time as any to brush up on your knowledge and be an active participant in our political process.

Dreyfuss noted in a recent AARP interview that he wants to do his part to save us from the “forces of evil — apathy, ignorance, and the lack of civility”. He has been traveling the country giving interviews on TV, such as an appearance on Huckabee,  to gather support for his initiative and giving public seminars.  The next seminar will be given in Dreyfuss’s hometown Monday night.  He will be speaking at San Diego State University. The seminar is free and starts at 7PM.

The Dreyfuss Initiative is aimed to increase civic education for those in Kindergarten through 12th grade.  I was not able to find a web site or details on how others can help Dreyfuss with his new non-profit.  Hopefully, something will be available soon so either I or someone else can add the details in the comments below.

As for Richard Dreyfuss’s connection to San Diego, Diane Bell reported in yesterday’s Union Tribune that he moved to Carlsbad four years ago and is now moving to Encinitis. So, if you think you saw Dreyfuss around town, it probably was him! Make sure you know your civics before you say hi.

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