Red Bull Air Race San Diego May 3-4


Red Bull Air Race Photo over San Diego by Daniel GrundWhat do London, Stockholm, Budapest and Abu Dhabi have in common with San Diego? They are each, one of just ten cities around the globe where you can watch the world’s best pilots perform aerobatic maneuvers as they compete in Red Bull’s Air Races.

Twelve pilots will be competing through an obstacle course at up to 250 mph over the San Diego Bay, between the Embarcadero and Coronado. To get a taste for the air races, select the ‘Get an Intro’ video at the Red Bull Air Race web site.

The three pilots from the U.S.A. are Mike Mangold, Kirby Chambliss, and Michael Goulian. They are currently ranked 3rd, 5th, and 11th respectively in the Red Bull World Series Standings. Mangold is the defending 2007 Red Bull World Series Champion, while Chambliss was the 2006 Champion.

San Diego Red Bull Air Race Tickets can be purchased online. The qualifying rounds and competition for the 9th spot and a point towards the World Series Standings takes place on Saturday May 3rd. The ‘Super Eights’ round, semi-final, and final take place on Sunday, May 4th. Ticket prices start at $15 for spectator viewing along the Embarcadero and range up to $1,200 for VIP treatment at a High Flyers Lounge, to be set up on Coronado. You can also buy tickets to a Red Bull party on Saturday night.

This is the 4th year for the Red Bull Air Races and the 2nd for San Diego. Take advantage of our unique opportunity to see these flying aces with our own eyes. (You can also catch the Fleet Week ‘Sea and Air Parade’ on that Saturday. I’ll write about that tomorrow.)

If you can’t make it down to Red Bull’s San Diego Air Race, which will be broadcast around the world, you can catch a tape of it on Fox Sports Network on July 20th at 6PM.

On a side note, you might be inclined to use the word ‘acrobatic’ when describing the amazing air maneuvers being performed by the pilots. However, the precision and skills of these great pilots are known as ‘aerobatic’ stunts.

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